Saturday, August 18, 2012


The house
Having risen into the clouds
Dampness permeating
One with the expectation of rain
Senses full
Thoughts released with the falling
Comes to rest
On the previously parched earth


Enemy paper
Pencil a weapon that
With a dull edge
Tears dry up
Throat closes
In time to a slowing heart
The thump, thump, thump
A mind wrapped in mud
The fear of being known
The only life force
Wipe these words from the page
From the very thoughts
It's not real
A play
A role
A part in this imaginary score
Keeping score
Because to win this game
Is to keep it all
Keep it all locked away
From me
For me
It's never about me
Keep you happy
A happy you is a free me
Free to be left alone
Though I never really feel alone
It's never enough
Never satisfied
The ache
Throbbing pain
The thump, thump, thump
Deadened sounds
Deadened feelings
Dead hope in knowing myself

Saturday, May 5, 2012

When Others Sleep

Awake at night
The moon so much softer than the sun
Moving among shadows
A comfortable coat of silence
To keep me warm

Solitary amidst the houses and homes
The sleeping lives
Of my neighbors
Watching the landscape recede into
The surrounding forest
I walk for me alone

The Consolation of Rain

Lying half awake
The syncopated music
And the gentle caress of a
Cool, humid breeze
Playing through  gauzy curtains
Announce a grey sunrise

Drawn from sleep
I remember a younger self
In the freedom of a stormy spring morning
With thoughts of galoshes and rain coats
Puddle jumping
And leaf boats carefully crafted
For their courageous voyage
On the rivers of my street

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Mist clings to the wool of my jacket
Chill morning air stings my face
The leaden roof of clouds
Presses against the green-grey countryside
I breathe the land
Filling the vacant corners of my being
My rolling hills
And rocky shores
The endless bed of grass that softens my steps
My thoughts and dreams finding a resting a place
In the tracks I leave behind

Touching the Sky

There are times
When the sky is so blue
It hurts to not be immersed in it
And the desperate feeling
That if I just tried hard enough
If I connected to that space inside that holds me to the ground
And cut the string
I could soar into that expanse
Brings tears to my eyes

Monday, April 2, 2012

Afternoon Tea

Late in the day
Cold and weary
Worn out from the noise
And needs of others
I find myself empty
And lonely                 

A quiet corner
A soft chair
A cup of tea
The company of myself
My thoughts and reflections
Warming me more than my drink
Comforted and comfortable
Amidst the lengthening shadows
And the blanket of quiet
That converge with the setting sun